Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glenn Greenwald on Occupy Wall Street, Banks Too Big To Jail and the Attack on WikiLeaks

Glenn Greenwald on Occupy Wall Street, Banks Too Big To Jail and the Attack on WikiLeaks - Democracy Now - The prominent political and legal blogger Glenn Greenwald comments on the growing Occupy Wall Street movement on Democracy Now! Oct. 26. "This movement is about is more important than specific legislative demands ... it is expressing dissent to the system itself," says Greenwald. "It is not a Democratic Party organ, it is not about demanding President Obama's single [jobs] bill pass or anything along those lines. It is saying that we believe the system itself is radically corrupted and we no longer are willing to tolerate it and that's infinitely more important than specific legislative or political demands." Greenwald also discusses the possible shutdown of the online whistleblower website WikiLeaks due to a long-standing "financial blockade" led by MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. "The reason why all these companies cut off funds is because the government pressured and demanded that they do so," Greenwald says. "So no due process, no accusation of criminal activity. You could never charge WikiLeaks with a crime — they're engaged in First Amendment activity — and the government has destroyed them through their pressure and influence over the private sector. WikiLeaks has shed more light on the world's most powerful factions than all media outlets combined easily over the last year and that's the reason why they're so hated."

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