Sunday, January 22, 2012

108 Milligrams Of This Common "Nutrient" Can Kill A Person

108 Milligrams Of This Common "Nutrient" Can Kill A Person by Sayer Ji

 If you knew that cyanide was found in common mass market products, at any dose, would you consume them?  Probably not, correct? Well then, how do you feel about a chemical 4 times more toxic than cyanide? Would you consume that intentionally, or avoid it? 

Enter the strange case of sodium selenate, a byproduct of copper metal refining, and which is actually proudly listed as a "nutrient" on the labels of many mass market products, presumably as a key selling-point!

Forgive us for the redundancy here, but it is 4 times more lethal than sodium cyanide. It only takes .4 milligrams (that's 250 micrograms, or 250 millionths of a gram!) to kill 50% of the rats who are made to ingest it. A human, weighing 275 times more than a rat, has a 50% chance of dying if consuming 108 milligrams of the stuff!

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