Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Critical Time for Thinking and Love

© R. Mark Sink
A Critical Time for Thinking and Love - R. Mark Sink

The year 2012 has rolled out a mirage for the predators built within their own defiance but the secrets of time were hidden right in front of us all and for those who were willing to look in the right places. The bond between physics and mathematics could be solved. Obviously, that is the case and the Mayan secret is already out.

At first, when you finally see it, the first reaction is always the same. It is something that you already knew but for some other reasons, did not take the time to think about. With all the chaos upon the Earth, there had been little time to ponder how it all came about.

Now Heretic Productions has went and cracked open the shell by ever so carefully approaching the topic. You may or may not pick up the signal. But that doesn't change the fact that some already understand what the Mayan calendar actually meant. The idea of life will end has little value and this was never the call that had been made.

Well, here is the video which is quite good.

To get to the heart of the language of the sun, I started a research project in 2006. I spent several months writing about emotions and comparing this to the quintessential elements which set at the basis of eastern and by all means western philosophy. I made a difficult decision to take on the task of reanimating the English root etymology from a 1996 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary. This took a little over four years to complete. I finally posted the results here listing data with some of the related mythology.

The experience was both wonderful and grudging. After finishing up about the end of September 2011, my mind moved into the occupy movement as I felt this was another sign that needed sharing with as many living beings as possible. And this has led to the fact that not only myself but that many others are aware that a jump in consciousness is about to occur.

Of course, this again begets a tremendous amount of energy that seems to find its way into the expressions and art that we love. And this is why I decided to write a story about how this experience would be viewed from a projected interpretation.

This will be my first book and something all writers should experience. It solves the Mayan mystery but is written as a fictional story. I felt that readers would enjoy this experience more than if it were told as fact hunting rhetoric and to allow the reader to interpret the calendar in their own way.  My intent is to inspire the reader about fact hunting itself and how to recognize these underneath their masks.

The book should be out later this year as a mystery science thriller. The name is still being withheld and is buried within the mythology here.

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