Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nuclear Power Plants and the Dangers of Radiation in North America

Nuclear Power Plants and the Dangers of Radiation in North America - Reader Comment

I was reading an excellent article entitled, Fukushima: A Nuclear War Without A War,  by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Editor of Global Research, Canada. His concern expressed over the inability of the mainstream political arenas and press to emphasize and prioritize this very urgent issue seems to mirror my own feelings on this issue. Certainly, it appears that both the political policy and mainstream media statements up to now appear to be protecting the nuclear industry in North America. 

This issue has been buried in the back pages, when it should be front page news for all to see. It also reminded me of an incident that took place last summer and what I consequently learned, as a result.

Last summer, a dear friend and I were speculating on where we would retire, if we had the financial resources to do so. One of the best retirement centres I read about unfortunately had a problem. It was well known, as a former mining centre for uranium. Because of these uranium mines, we both had concerns about the entire area. So I decided to do some research on the issue of radiation in various forms affecting the health and safety of the North American population. 

What I found in various research documents and reports shocked me. I realized that with the assistance of our governments and mainstream media, we have been deliberately kept in an illusory world of their making.

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