Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Pharisees of the Vatican

The Pharisees of the Vatican by Paul V. Sheridan

When asked by His disciples why He had grave concerns about the Pharisees, Jesus said, “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind.  And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”
No experience creates more emotional, social, political and cultural scars than the moment that betrayal is manifest and realized by the trusting.  Betrayal has implications that range from the individual to the whole of humanity; from the past through the present and well into our future.  Here the betrayal is of a scope and source that some least expect: the Vatican.  It is said that this anguish reaches Heaven itself.  Personally I am convinced that the brethren that darkened the skies over Golgotha are the same source of the ongoing betrayal against the Mother of God.  By virtue of denying Her simple request of 1917, the human world is falling into a dark ditch.

The Children of Fatima

Picture the following: It’s 1917 in the grassy countryside of Portugal, a perfect place to herd sheep.  In this location there are no telephones or televisions.  Al Gore has not yet invented the internet. His Penn State colleague Michael Mann has not deleted the Middle Ages.  New York Governor Martin Glynn has not yet written his 1919 propaganda about “six million” and the “holocaust.”  The world media has not blatantly lied about who committed the massacre at Katyn.  Google has not yet decided what singly constitutes an “Offensive Search.”  Wikipedia is not dictating what is “true” for “free.” George W. Bush has not announced a “New World Order” to the United Nations.   Instead, we are viewing the rustic life of a simple people; physically and socially disconnected from the world scene.

While the world was enjoying the “war to end all wars,” three children are herding sheep in the middle of proverbial nowhere; an area typified by bare feet and muddy roads.  To truly grasp what occurred atFatima, it is essential that we not project our current state of affairs or our instant access realm onto this 1917 scene.  Nor should we project the current alleged “morality” onto children who came into the world through families of minimal means and simple knowing.  Avoiding projectionism will allow to accurately fathom how three sub-teenage children announced details that spanned both earthly distance and earthly time; details that spanned 3000 miles away to the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, and to the nightmares of a Pope in our timeframe.

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