Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alan Watts - Sexual Play & Beloved Enemies

Alan Watts - Sexual Play & Beloved Enemies - mugikuya

"Myth & Religion" Lecture on "Sex & The Church"

The recorded lecture entitled "Sex and the Church" concentrates on Christianity more than the Eastern religions he normally talked about, though inevitably comparisons enter into Watts' discussion.

Though every organized religion seems to have strange and distorted views of human sexuality, Christianity has forged a monumentally myopic and repressive obsession with the human genitalia and related urges. At the same time, Watts argues, this dominant role that sex plays in the church is also an undeniable indication of its importance in Christianity.

At the root of most major condemnations that flow from Bible beaters and their leaders are those related to the pelvic thrust. Not lies, not attempts to defraud, not hatred, malice or violence, but primarily any and all things sexual. "Living in sin" and anything "immoral" is almost inevitably related to some form of intercourse that has not been authorized by the church. "Sexual regulation societies" is what Watts calls most Judeo/Christian-based churches in Western societies.

Music: Thomas Newman
Tracks: Whisper of a Thrill, Someone Else
Album: Meet Joe Black

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