Monday, March 5, 2012

Chemicals As "Nutrients" In "USDA Organic" Infant Formula

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Chemicals As "Nutrients" In "USDA Organic" Infant Formula by Sayer Ji

It is time to shed some long overdue light on serious and avoidable chemical exposures facing the majority of infants today.

Due to the fact that only 11% of newborns in the US are exclusively breast milk during their first six months of life, it is safe to say that most newborns today are exposed to the ingredients found in infant formula.

Owing to the fact that infant formula is being used during the first year of life, which is the most critical developmental period of the human life cycle (outside embryogenesis itself), it behooves us to make sure that what we are feeding them is truly nourishing, and at the very least, not harming them. Correct?

So, what exactly is being put into the infant formulas millions believe is the closest facsimile to human breast milk available?

We will take a more forgiving approach, and avoid the more obviously lower quality mass market infant formula brands, which use genetically modified products and high fructose corn syrup, to name but a few obvious red flags. Instead, let's look to a so-called "organic" product, like Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula, as the assumption here is that it is "Earthy," "Organic," and as the label proudly displays: "Produced Without the Use of Potentially Harmful Pesticides." Did you get that, by the way? "Potentially Harmful Pesticides," because you know that some pesticides are not actually harmful to infants, right? This strange qualification will take on a clearer, far more chilling meaning in just a moment...

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