Monday, March 12, 2012

Drug Pushers Increase Deception in the Market

Here again is an excellent report associating the anarchist nature of interpretation that presides in the thoughts of FDA employees, and the insane idea that using linguistic trickery as a methodology of definition has anything to do with reality. They say there is a war on drugs but there is also the push to sell you drugs. Does anyone see the quagmire in this statement? In linguistics, the noun "drug," sneaks into the lexicon immediately prior to the rooted word "Druid." Notice the placement of the letter G and note that Druid comes from a root that defines "Truth." Before "drug," is the regional entry "drudge," insertion following the dross senses which formulate these definitions. In nature, there are chemicals which are not necessarily associated with these assertions. The use of the word "drug," is a metaphor making an implicit comparison to the truth as a form of ignorance. The senses for using this type of syntax is built out the word dream, followed by dredge which precedes dreg and all defining a basest of least desirability upon the living.

So when we think of the word "drug," this is the same meaning as anarchism which is both projected as a war on itself and a method of cloaking the truth which also serves well in stigmatization's which bear the resulting misinterpretation. If all foods from Earth are classified as drugs, this would be another form of ignorance simply to hide the truth which is financial terrorism.

FDA to Make Many Prescription Drugs ‘Over the Counter’ by Mike Barrett

 The same organization which deems walnuts to be illegal drugs is in the process of deciding whether or not to make some prescription medications more readily available to the public. The Food and Drug Administration may potentially move medicines for chronic conditions from prescription to non-prescription, or over the counter, while drugs for infection will receive a speedier approval process. This includes diabetes-linked statin drugs.

FDA to Make Many Prescription Drugs ‘Over the Counter’

Despite prescription drugs contributing to at least 3 million deaths in the last 27 years while vitamins have killed none, the FDA is eager to get drugs in patients’ hands even faster. The House Energy and Commerce health subcommittee will assist the FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and the Agency’s director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research by helping to accelerate approval processes. Drugs for high blood pressure, cholesterol, migraines, and asthma may all be re-classified by the FDA so that individuals can attain them without a prescription. Interestingly, cholesterol drugs, known as statins, have been linked to over 300 different adverse affects while asthma drugs have been shown to lead to more deaths than asthma itself.
The FDA is also very interested in allowing antibiotic makers to conduct tests for the drugs using smaller groups of patients. What’s more, lawmakers are proposing that the approval process for antibiotics also be hastened, while providing incentives to drug makers to develop new antibiotics – seemingly or allegedly to bypass bacterial resistance from the current antibiotic market. Unfortunately, even new antibiotics will only continue to perpetuate diseases scientists fear will be impossible to treat while contributing to numerous health conditions like mental illness by destroying gut health.
“This is obviously a time when there is a lot of discussion about different kinds of strategies and approaches and we want to participate in those discussions and provide the kind of expertise and perspective the team has to offer. Particularly, as the science is unfolding in new and exciting ways that will give us new tools, I think we are in a position to do things differently than we have historically,” says the FDA’s Commissioner Margaret Hamburg
Although mainstream medicine still has a primary handle on the majority of the population, it seems as if the FDA is developing growing concerns regarding the escalating awareness revolving around alternative and natural treatments. With more and more individuals turning to natural alternatives and even doctors and nurses often preferring alternative medicine themselves, it isn’t surprising to see the FDA make pharmaceutical drugs more readily available.

The FDA does not care about treating the population, as there is rampant conflict of interest between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, with thousands of doctors, researchers, and medical experts being paid handsomely by the pharmaceutical industry. If people were to be aided with natural solutions, profits would decrease, and 10′s of thousands of the mainstream medical employees would lose a large percentage of their pharma-backed payroll.

Unfortunately, drug makers want to keep you sick.

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