Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Occupy Psychiatry: End the Cult of Psychiatry (includes videos)

Occupy Psychiatry: End the Cult of Psychiatry (includes videos) - Gaia Health

The people labeled as lunatics through psychiatry’s Diagnostics and Statistics Manual labeling are striving to take over the asylum. They’re taking part in the Occupy Movement and they’ve just held their first protest, Occupy the American Psychiatric Assocation (APA). On the fifth of May, they protested in front of the venue for the APA’s annual meeting in Philadelphia.

They were, of course, largely ignored by the APA, but watch out. They’re just getting rolling. If you possibly can, get informed and involved. As Gaia Health has shown you in Psychiatric Incarceration: It Can Happen to Anyone, it could be you getting locked up and forced to undergo drugging, electric shocks, or mind-destroying surgery. Help end this horrific destruction of people’s lives before it does.

Gaia Health has selected some videos of the talks given at the conference prior to the protest, and at the end is a selection of Blog Talk Radio shows by David Oaks, in which he interviews key figures of the anti-psychiatry movement during the run-up to the protest.

Adina Lambert is a psychologist and member of the International Society for Ethical Psychiatry and Psychology. She speaks with passion about the corruption in her own field:
When I see the lies that unsuspecting people…are being told, labels, ridiculous diagnoses that are being put on people that have no basis in fact, no basis in science, and then to make it worse, they are poisoned, poisoned, and that is true, by the psychiatrists who tell them that you need these medicines. … This truly does break my heart. The drugging of children is a total outrage. …I want to do away with the DSM. It is a ridiculous book that is full of lies—lies!
She tells how it’s growing worse. Her passion is palpable. [4:42]

Occupy Psychiatry: Read more..

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