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They Kill with Smiles on their Faces

They Kill with Smiles on their Faces
Aug 10, 2012 | Barbara H. Peterson

I would like to take us back to Anniston, Alabama, circa 1929 to 1971. Monsanto was the name, and soil contamination was the game. In a gesture of good will, this philanthropic corporation that had been manufacturing PCBs and other harmful chemicals in town “invited Anniston residents to use soil from the plant for their lawns.” Too bad it was never disclosed that this soil was a toxic waste product that would have needed special containment and would have cost a fortune to dispose of properly as it was extremely hazardous to human health. Instead, with smiles on their faces and philanthropy on the books, this magnanimous company literally gave away yards of this PCB laden stuff to unsuspecting families who are to this day suffering from the effects. “Sylvester Harris, 63, an undertaker who lived across the street from the plant, said he always thought he was burying too many young children. ‘I knew something was wrong around here,’ he said.

Since when is it acceptable to subject someone to something, say it’s safe, then hide behind legalese when your test subjects up and die from “mysterious circumstances?” When did this become the norm? When did this become acceptable? In whose abhorrent fantasy does this deviation from rational humanity exist? Welcome to the world of corporate greed. Welcome to the world of business.

And now, let’s fast forward to present time. With the PCB debacle firmly behind it, and never having admitted one shred of guilt for what it did, Monsanto has successfully morphed into a life sciences company, specializing in more poisons as well as transgenic frankencrops. Welcome to the world of biotechnology, Monsanto style. A world of cover-ups, subterfuge, and corruption so deep that it would take years to dig through the mountain of manure to find the pony that quite frankly, isn’t there. The promises are false. We are being fooled again, just like Anniston. Here, take this soil, it’s good for you. Here, take this GMO corn and the Glyphosate that goes along with it. They’re good for you. And just how many years down the road will it be when we find ourselves crying for help while Monsanto denys any wrongdoing?

Coming from the ranks of servants indentured to the king of the biotech industry, Monsanto, the GMO pushers know that the products they are creating are bad, just like in the case of Anniston, Alabama. They have to know. Do you think that one person, sitting on the side of a mountain with minimal technical skills and one rag tag computer knows more than the advanced scientific community of Monsanto, inc.? Do you really think that they don’t know about the numerous studies conducted overseas that prove genetic modification is dangerous? They know. Either that, or they are ignorant, stupid, or senile. And I don’t think they are any of the sort. Just paid enough to conveniently skew data in favor of the hand that feeds them. Money makes it so much easier to hold up in a cocoon, deaf, dumb and blind to the carnage going on just outside the door….

An open letter to GMO pushers, whoever you are…

Can you hear them? Can you hear the night screams of those independent farmers that have been pushed over by the corporate machine? Do the cries of children writhing in pain from your toxic garbage keep you awake at night, or do you just roll over and snore, oblivious to the destruction? How much money does it take to kill the pain? To effectively eviscerate a conscience? To cause the numbness necessary to be able to cast a blind eye to suffering caused by your actions? Just what is your honor worth? And just who is the highest bidder today? Inquiring minds want to know.

How does it feel to kill with impunity? To see the fruit of your labors fill hospitals with heretofore unknown diseases courtesy of your technology? Did you even bother to ask those whom you experiment on for consent? Or even give them the off-handed courtesy of quasi-labeling your concoctions so that they could effectively opt-out? NO! You did not! Instead, you haphazardly went on about your business, head buried up your grantor’s hind end, doing what was needed to carry on your pathetic life, while others “benefit” from your largesse. I applaud you! A finer example of human sludge I’ve never seen.

But don’t take it personally. You are merely doing your job for the good of your family and the world. Believe it while you can, because you are not exempt. Until you extract your head and realize that this experiment on humanity and the earth that supports our very lives cannot go on without dire consequences, then we, as a people and as a planet, are doomed to extinction of life as we currently know it. Not by flood, or by fire, but by genetic pestilence, the likes of which we have never experienced before.

So, buck up bubby, we are in for a ride. You, the GMO pushers, whoever you are, especially, because you know. You are complicit, and you have to live with the knowledge that what you see is what you made. And will you stand with that knowledge born squarely on your shoulders? Or will the weight of your guilt come crashing down and crush you in its wake? Will you finally kneel to what is right, or become dust in the wind? Your choice, and your choice alone.

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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