Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tips for Avoiding GMOs

Tips for Avoiding GMOs
Aug 22, 2012 | | Anthony Gucciardi

Avoiding GMOs can be a challenge given the fact that Monsanto continues to silence most any legislation looking to enforce the labeling of GMOs on a state-wide of nationwide level, however it is very possible. While the best option is searching for a high quality organic source sporting the USDA organic

label, there are certainly alternatives to reduce your consumption of GMOS when it comes to non-organic food sources.

For starters, some non-organic food items are "Non-GMO" verified by the Non-GMO Project. These have been found to be trustworthy non-GMO sources, while

non-verified "Non-GMO" claims have actually been found to amount to nothing. This label is essential when avoiding GMOs in non-organic products that may

still be free of GMOs (among the most damaging ingredients in conventional foods).

Outside of that, try and avoid heavily modified foods such as:







Avoiding GMOs is very possible it just requires a degree of knowledge and research on the subject. For sourcing and further information please visit: Natural Society

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