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Why Infants Need Natural Immunity: How Vaccines Actually Promote Cancer Growth

Why Infants Need Natural Immunity: How Vaccines Actually Promote Cancer Growth
Aug 8, 2012 | Dave Mihalovic

The premise behind vaccines is that it will help children fight viral infections as they age. But a U-M study suggests the natural ability to fight infection is there early on. Vaccines can inhibit the growth of essential immune cells early in life, and avoiding vaccines could actually improve an infant’s response to infection. More specifically, vaccines are suppressing a very specific type of protein which inhibits the growth of specific cancers.

 “What happens at early age is that natural killer cells, like many other immune cells, do not complete their functional maturation until adulthood,” says study senior author Yasmina Laouar, Ph.D., assistant professor in the U-M Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

”During this time we are left with an immature immune system that cannot protect us against infections, the reason why newborns and infants are more prone to infection,” she says.

Vaccines promote and extend the immature immune system of infants preventing the natural formation of immune cells. This is not only accomplished by interfering with DNA but introducing heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury and other toxic preservatives found in vaccines.

There is a large gap in understanding infant immunity, specifically why the natural killer cell responses are deficient. The study by immunologists at the U-M demonstrates the role of a cell called transforming growth factor beta that can explain why most vaccine scientists mistakenly believe that suppression of the body's natural signaling mechanisms benefits immunity when it actively suppresses it.

The study showed the production of natural killer cells is controlled by TGF-beta, which is produced in the bone marrow. In infant mice, the maturation of natural killer cells progressed faster in the absence of TGF-beta signaling. Many vaccines are also designed to actively suppress TGF-beta signaling which results in a physiological consequence to the human body. It actually reverses the intended purpose, namely to immunize. Attempting to suppress natural killer cells artificially by blocking TGF-beta signaling, actually causes tumors to grow.

What many of these scientists fail to recognize is that that effects of TGF-beta on tumor cells and the tumor micro-environment exert both positive and negative influences on cancer development. By focusing on TGF-beta signaling to produce more natural killers cells, the consequence and risk of disease monitoring cells being impaired is very high. Thus, the risk exceeds any preliminary benefits claimed by producing more mature natural killer cells.

TGF-beta is a secreted polypeptide that signals via specific receptors. TGF-beta suppresses proliferation and differentiation of lymphocytes including cytolytic T cells, natural killer cells and macrophages, thus preventing immune surveillance of the developing tumor. TGF-beta signaling is intimately implicated in tumor development and contributes to all cardinal features of tumor cell biology.

Authors say it’s tempting to propose the functional inactivation TGF-beta signaling as a strategy to reverse the deficit of natural killer cells early in life. However the long-term effects of such an initiative will be devasting.

Many scientists are fully aware of the dual nature of TGF-beta signaling, i.e. tumor suppressor vs. tumor promoter, so it's not clear why so much research is devoted to creating vaccines to suppress TGF-beta when a high probability of cancer growth and pro-metastatic factor are inevitable outcomes.

If we allow an infant's immune system to naturally develop with optimal nourishment, breast milk, and vitamin D, there is little more that any infant will need to optimize health. If we continue to pursue artificial means of immunization, it will only lead to the polar opposite result, immune suppression and inevitably cancer. Vaccination is not immunization and it never will be.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

Comment: I've added factotums to the analecta for the transforming growth factor beta ideas which claim to have an antiproliferation factor as though the electromagnetic spectrum were the food of thought. Wikipedia also mentions statins on the same page in a very strange way by mentioning an unquoted animal study in relation to heart disease as an attempt it seems to downplay cholesterol and the influence this may play in overall health.

If these factotums are actually secreted then it would seem they are coming as a form of intelligence from some place we haven't seen yet.

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