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Five Vaccine Myths – Busted!

As Perseus slew the snake-haired
Medusa, Shawn Siegel slays the
modern myths of vaccines.
Five Vaccine Myths – Busted!
Sept 13, 2012 | Shawn Siegel | Gaia Health

Shawn Siegel fights against the lies told about vaccinations. Here he takes on five myths that are routinely told—and demolishes them.

by Shawn Siegel, Grandfather and Vaccine Researcher

1. Vaccines are necessary.

Hogwash. Disease—or what we call disease—is what is necessary, for it is the display of the very immune mechanisms that are eliminating an already existing infection or toxicity from the body. Sickness is literally the process of restoration of wellness. Without the ability to get sick, we become hosts to ruminating toxicity and resultant chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders, the likes of which were never in Mother Nature’s plan: vaccine-induced epilepsy, vaccine-induced learning disorders, vaccine-induced juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, vaccine-induced autism, vaccine-induced death.

2. Vaccines are a trivial challenge to what children typically encounter and manage every day.

Every vaccine elicits a bastardized immune response, because the route of introduction—intramuscular injection—bypasses the natural route of pathogen introduction, thus bypassing the bulk of the infectious disease immune system. The nature of supposed protection offered by vaccines is thus illusory, as evidenced by the fact that continued shots, called boosters, are required to continue the charade of immunity.

You cannot eliminate risk from life, but the risks associated with vaccines far outweigh the risks of disease.

In kids before the age of two, vaccines are a particularly insidious biological assault, because their newly developing immune systems have a subdued response. Up to the age of two, Mother Nature shuts down parts of the immune response to allow recognition of and familiarity with the body’s own biologics. During that period, Mother Nature assures that the immune system has a chance to learn recognition of and gain familiarity with the body’s own biologics, as well as environmentally-introduced substances such as potential allergens. Via this process, autoimmunity is avoided later in life. The adjuvants in vaccines directly thwart the integrity of that developmental process, and the result is the epidemic of chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders we are experiencing.

3. The increase in autism rates is not linked to the MMR vaccine.

Multiple studies have shown that the vaccine strain of measles can infect the gut of the MMR recipient, resulting, hardly unexpectedly, in bowel inflammation. In the kids treated by the Royal Free Hospital in London, whose case histories were studied and summarized in the infamous Lancet article—all of whom had severe gastrointestinal problems and autism—what the global press should have trumpeted was the amelioration of autism symptoms enjoyed by the children when the doctors treated their bowel inflammations. A microgram of common sense demands a thorough program of continuing research, which was precisely the conclusion of the authors of the Lancet-published case series.

4. While vaccines are admittedly not 100% safe, serious complications are extremely rare.

There is no evidence to suggest that serious vaccine reactions are extremely rare. Indeed, the evidence is still being gathered, and it suggests that vaccine damage is much more debilitating, and much more pervasive, than the mainstream will allow. In stating that their products are safe, the vaccine manufacturers literally mean that the benefits outweigh the risks, yet by the very definition of clinical trial the mass administration of vaccines to the general public is part of the ongoing research to determine the actual and long-term effects, which constitute the risks. It is thus an outrageous display of contradiction and hubris on the part of the manufacturers to claim their products are safe, and a breach of the public trust for the FDA to license such products.

5. Vaccines work.

No vaccine is safe; no vaccine is effective. For vaccines to be effective, they would have to make you healthier; they do not. They may appear to help lower the incidence of a particular disease, but the price paid is dear. With every vaccination the immune system becomes more and more disjointed in its response to pathogens. The natural immune system is an intelligent, personal, unique river of response. When you contract a disease naturally—almost always either through inhalation or ingestion—the infectious disease immune system, located primarily in the mucosal membranes of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, responds in the context of your individual metabolism, your history of previous exposures, and the influence of your environment, and accordingly masterminds the two-pronged—cellular and humoral—reaction. Those two components work hand in hand to eliminate the disease, the display of which elimination we call the symptoms of the disease, and it is a concerted effort. Indeed, there is evidence that the humoral response, which is the one primarily elicited by vaccinations, is but a small part of the overall efficacy of the reaction. Those same two components work to provide markedly lowered susceptibility to future exposure to the same pathogen: immunity.

Science cannot duplicate the response of the immune system. It doesn’t know how, nor could it ever know how, since the natural immune response is predicated on a myriad of individual biochemical factors, with a subtlety beyond human comprehension, because it is, in a very real sense, part and parcel of that very comprehension, literally on a gut level. Every vaccine disturbs the integrity of the natural immune reaction. Thus, it is no surprise when the injuries caused by vaccines are so convoluted: chronic illnesses, severe autoimmune disorders such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, and ultimately the immigration of toxic chemicals, through various weakened defensive immune membranes to the brain, resulting in the neurological damages we see, such as learning and speech disorders, developmental delays, seizures, and autism. There is no proof of this, technically and scientifically speaking—that is, it’s impossible to trace injected vaccine ingredients through the countless molecular changes they trigger and the resultant immune responses—nor is there need for proof; we have the pudding. In the U.S., we have almost 200,000 suspected serious adverse vaccine reaction reported to VAERS, and over 4,000 deaths, while it is common knowledge that those figures represent but a small portion of the actual reactions suffered. We have the grievous picture of infant baby Ian, who suffered a terrible death at the hands of a Hep B shot, and others. No mother in her right mind, after discovering what a vaccine can do, and knowing that science has absolutely no way of knowing or predicting who will react adversely to a vaccine, nor how adverse that reaction will be, regardless of age or history of reaction or non-reaction, would then vaccinate her child.
The problem is that so many have been driven out of their right minds through a combination of a decades-long, unremittent barrage of mainstream fearmongering, and the foolish insistence that we simply need not be bothered with life’s little discomforts. Life’s natural challenges strengthen us; they strengthen our immune systems.

The scenario is much worse—intolerable—in newborns, infants and babies. Mother Nature subdues the immune response in every newborn for up to two years, and for critical reason, to give it time to learn to distinguish the self – the body – and benign environmental substances from threatening substances. This is what allows us to go through most of life without autoimmune diseases. Vaccines contain adjuvants, specifically included to excite the immune system—to trigger an immune system response. Every vaccination thwarts the natural development of the immune system in newborns, infants and babies. Mother Nature, having provided a robust protection against infectious disease in the mother’s breast milk, basically tells the immune system that, once it matures, you have no need to concern yourself with the resident biologics of the body or the peripheral irritants you already encountered—the potential environmental allergens.

A healthy immune system will defeat virtually any disease, sometimes with the assistance of experienced health care practitioners. Even during the infamous 1918 killer pandemic, before antibiotics, there were doctors who treated roomfuls of patients and lost not one to the disease, because of the treatments and procedures they used. That is the positive side of the illusory vaccine controversy; it re-directs us to natural nurture and maintenance of our immune systems and overall health, the unavoidable effect of diet and nutrition toward that goal, natural treatment of illness and the avoidance of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, and the relegation to a position of inconsequence the likes of pediatricians who practice coercion in the marketing of and dogmatic insistence on vaccines.

You cannot eliminate risk from life, but the risks associated with vaccines far outweigh the risks of disease.

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