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Sept 3, 2012 | Lisa Guliani

What makes us 'special'?

Is it our selfishness, our self-absorbed, mentally lazy non-critical sleepwalking zombie approach to life? Is it our capacity for sculpted selective empathy-on-demand - as long as the subject we empathize with falls within specific parameters and is...one of US?

What makes US so 'special'?

We watch as our tax dollars pay for illegal wars, assassinations, drug running, money laundering, illegal invasion and occupation, theft of land and resources in other nations, the Israeli government's ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, we watch as our tax dollars are used to further racial segregation, torture, arrest and detainment, brutality, home demolitions, apartheid, and genocide.

We watch as our tax dollars are used to wipe out innocent men, women, and children in foreign lands that have raised no hand against us.

What is so 'special' about us?

The majority of Americans remain silent, which is construed as consent to these crimes against humanity, which in turn borders on complicity with the oppressors and executioners. We sit and watch ridiculous TV fiction and rah rah rah! like the good little drooling Pavlovian dogs we are, every time the mainstream media whores push our buttons. We've got celebrities posing on posters, rebuking us with the numbers of starving American children we should DO something about, yet where are these same people with regard to the starving children we have created throughout the world via our collective silence, our tax dollars, and our apathy? Aren't those children special enough to concern us? Is it really okay if they die?

We sit and watch as our own people are beat up and imprisoned for telling the truth, for protesting, for having a conscience, for objecting, for blowing the whistle and showing us the truth.

We just sit there, and never ask ourselves, 'where did my original thoughts go?' 'Where is my humanity?' 'What can I do for one person?' 'What can I do for the world?' No, what you're more apt to hear is, 'what can I do for ME?'

We sit here with so much blood on our hands and feed a pathological system that is built upon nothing but illusion, deception and bullshit, and we tell ourselves it's real, when it is not. We wouldn't even recognize reality if it was stamped in sesame seeds on the bun of a Big Mac.

What are the majority of Americans doing for the world, as opposed to doing for themselves?

What has happened to the collective conscience?

What has happened to empathy and human rights for all people?

When we say 'human rights for all people', do we really mean that? Or, do we really mean human rights apply ONLY to people like US?

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What is so 'special' about US? We sit here as our soldiers commit suicide in increasing numbers, as private mercenaries slaughter people in Syria, as drones decimate lives and communities in Pakistan, as terrorists and war criminals are awarded Medals of Freedom by the current political puppet hood ornament chief psychopath who calls himself 'President' in the White House, and most miss the irony in seeing a warmonger present 'Medals of Freedom' to Israeli Zionist terrorists and war protesters like Bob Dylan.

Most Americans must be color blind too, failing to see the river of red as it fills our heads and we slowly become nothing but mindless, walking, talking blood balloons, incapable of a critical thought, or even a simple thought. We watch TV and never seem to pause in our collective cud-chewing, channel-surfing, psychiatric-drug-induced malaise, to ever notice the dried creases of blood staining our own hands, or the role we've played - and continue to play - in all this psychopath-driven global bloodshed.

We sit here, pat ourselves on the back, 'tsk tsk tsk' at the 'Nightly News' and remind ourselves of how lucky and 'special' we are that it is not OUR country bombarded with missile strikes, and how this is the best place in the world to live, the land of the 'special', just as long as our government doesn't decide to turn that military hardware on us.

Who cares, right? Those aren't OUR communities being destroyed by OUR government, they aren't OUR children being terrorized en masse, passing through checkpoints on their walk to school, those aren't OUR homes being bulldozed or taken by settlers, OUR movement or ability to earn a living isn't being restricted by occupation with checkpoints and road barriers and apartheid walls.

We pretend we don't see, and we look away, satisfied that none of this is happening in our own backyards, smug in the lie that none of it has anything to do with 'US', arrogant and self-satisfied in our collective ignorance - satisfied because Americans seem to pride themselves on their ignorance. We are the ultimate chest-thumpers. We need to get over ourselves already.

The mass majority of people are not only disconnected from the rest of humanity, they're disconnected from their own selves, only shocked into momentary sparks of awareness whenever the media so desires, or with the right pill, if need be. Our collective attention spans have been so reduced, that if we see an entire paragraph, we bitch about having to 'read all that'. We're too lazy to hold a verbal conversation anymore, and even get pissed off if someone texts us too slow. We can't seem to go anywhere or do anything without a cellphone pasted to our heads. We don't read and learn, we just remember what to parrot, and that is what drips from our mouths, when were not stuffing our faces with toxic processed foods and washing them down with 32 ounces of diet soda in one poisonous 'big gulp'.

Americans, by and large, do not want to be informed. If they did, they would make real efforts in this direction. They would seek out independent sources of information and show a desire to expand both the individual and collective knowledge base. Instead, most settle for the myth and mediocrity of mainstream media, and sit back while the white noise lulls them gently to sleep, and wait for their arteries to harden.

We're 'special' because we are NOT 'THEM'. We're special' because more and more, we are exhibiting those 'special' characteristics found in the pathologicals that have influenced our society: we are becoming more and more apathetic, coldblooded, merciless and unfeeling.

THAT is what is so 'special' about us.
"Is absolute zero cold enough?" ( Roger Waters)

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