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The 2012 Collective Shift & the Secret History of End-Times Prophecies

The 2012 Collective Shift & the Secret History of End-Times Prophecies
Sept 30, 2012 | Gregory James

With the advent of the internet came the Information Age, where it has become possible to spread and find information about almost anything with unparalleled ease and convenience - information that, as little as a couple decades ago, would have been extremely difficult if not impossible for most people to obtain. More data than any one of us could ever assimilate is now at our fingertips, and news of most global events is available practically instantaneously. Where information is suppressed, it finds its way to the surface, sooner rather than later. We carry the internet around with us in super-powerful laptop computers and handheld devices, and culturally, in our everyday lives, we now spend more time online than not, whether for work or leisure.

Everything is plugged in! In a relatively short time-frame, our global society has become a vast network of information movers, like a giant brain network, processing and sharing data with our counterparts within this greater body of humanity. It's no wonder our collective paradigm is shifting and it's no wonder the deepest patterns of our subconscious/archetypal makeup - understood as ancient mystery teachings and prophecies, tales of power and spiritual allegories, epic adventure stories and legends of old - have emerged in the forefront of our consciousness, becoming compelling topics of interest.

 Just do a Google search for “Dec. 21, 2012.” Never mind that it’s just another day in the calendar; with no more specific input than “Dec. 21, 2012″ in the search field, Google will return around 460 million sites about the End of the World such as Mayan prophecies, the return of Jesus, Collective Enlightenment theories, and the like. Yes, 460 million! To put that number into perspective, that’s at least a 150 million more websites on this topic than there are US Citizens! This says something about what’s on people’s minds. Even a Google search for “porn” returns only 296 million results - which is a whole hell of a lot, to be sure, but still a far cry from End-Times prophecies and Collective Awakening theories. And this is just the Dec. 21, 2012 phenomenon we’re talking about, here; have a search for the “return of Jesus” and you get a whopping 524 million results! Search for “End-Times” and nearly 2 BILLION hits are returned (yes, that’s billion with a “B”)! And “apocalypse” will get you 102 million. That’s a total of over 3 billion results just from these 4 searches (not counting the “porn” of course)! And this count isn’t including searches for “Armageddon,” “Rapture,” “Doomsday,” “Judgement Day,” “Great Deluge,” or any number of other End-Time myths and terms. Never mind considering the quality and reliability of the content of these billions of websites, my point is that many people find these topics compelling or there wouldn’t be such a high demand for their proliferation in the network. And this means: THE TOPIC MATTERS - it is concerning to a lot of people!

So why so much interest in the end of the world? Are things really so bad that people just want the world to stop? Possibly. Does researching the end of the world happen to be an exceptionally popular hobby? Probably not. Does half the planet have a death-wish? I doubt it. What is abundantly clear just from a brief review of much of this material is that there are a lot of crack pots and hype-mongers out there, and much of the content on this topic is deliberate disinformation designed as social control/groupthink propaganda, intended to keep you either distracted from what is really going on or separating you from your money - you know, “before it’s too late!!!” (that little gem never seems to lose momentum). Nevertheless, the interest is definitely there, and the most likely reason for this, in my assessment is: We are all connected, to each other and to the cosmos, and those of us still registering a pulse know something is definitely going on!

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