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The Missing Piece in the Chemtrail Puzzle?

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The Missing Piece in the Chemtrail Puzzle?
Sept 16, 2012 | Farm Wars

Editor's note: With all the hype about Global Warming, and news like this, I had watched this video over at Farm Wars the other night and had been thinking more about this. This may help explain the dissonance that resides that may in fact be more like denial of tampering with Mother Earth. It seems to make sense if this tampering has been going on for nearly 60 years that the uncontrollable consequences might lead to extremes on both ends of the livable scale and balance of life. If we attempt to discern why areas have heated up leaving dead biodiversity, and others extreme and prolonged cold spells, the tampering may be directly related.

Contrails, Chemtrails, and Artificial Clouds is a 30-minute documentary that may supply a previously missing piece in the chemtrail puzzle. 

Persistent white clouds that form behind commercial jet aircraft are caused when the cold, moisture-laden exhaust from those planes comes in contact with invisible particles of silver iodide that previously were sprayed into commercial-airline routes by smaller aircraft for that specific purpose. Silver iodide attracts water from the exhaust and causes it to condense into artificial clouds that can linger for days.

This is a commercial operation that has been under way for many years. It is conducted by private cloud-seeding companies and is financed primarily by local governments seeking to modify the weather, primarily to enhance rainfall. Most nations of the world have substantial budgets for this program. Supporters claim that creating artificial clouds also helps to reduce global warming. Aside from the fact that global warming is a political myth, it turns out that artificial clouds actually increase the temperature of the planet by trapping heat at night. It’s the same reason igloos are warm inside.

Also, as this documentary points out, silver iodide is highly toxic to plants, humans, and wildlife – to say nothing of other chemicals added to the mix, including aluminum, lead, and strontium. There are important issues not addressed by this program, but it is only 30 minutes long, and we think the producer wisely chose to keep it simple by focusing on one main concept:

Chemtrails are formed when normal jet exhaust comes in contact with silver iodide and other toxic chemicals sprayed into commercial-airline airspace. Neither airline pilots nor ground crew nor jet-fuel suppliers need to participate in any of this. We welcome your opinion of this theory, especially if you have expertise in chemistry or meteorology. Please send comments here. Skywatcher 2012 Sep 13

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