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Government Agents Gave Cover for Roundup’s Birth Defects

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Government Agents Gave Cover for Roundup’s Birth Defects
Nov 28, 2012 | Heidi Stevenson

"They didn’t even bother to specify what historical control data they were using. We don’t know if the animal strains were the same, whether the substances applied to them were the same, whether the animals were fed the same diets, whether there were pathogens in the environment, or even what year or laboratory where these experiments were performed. And they didn’t even offer a reason for this lack of information!" (from part one)

The management of Monsanto’s Roundup demonstrates that there is truly no limit to the depths that our own governments will go when they’re in bed with international corporations. And that’s the definition of fascism, isn’t it?

Part 1, Industry Studies Prove Roundup Causes Birth Defects, told about the general types of games played in the coverup of Roundup’s ability to cause birth defects. Here in Part 2, we discuss the specifics. It’s stunning how blatant they are. Most things should be obvious to anyone with a 7th grade education.

We’d like to believe that government agencies tasked with assuring that our health and the environment are protected would do that. But as we can see in a scientific review by Germany’s Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (German acronym of BVL), which was tasked by the European Union’s Commission to review research on glyphosate (brand name Roundup), that’s far from reality.

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