Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'My grandfather's homeopathy changed my view of medicine'

Ahmad Obaid Al Mazrooei has been using
alternative medicine, homeopathy, since the
days of his grandfather's illness.
Delores Johnson / The National
'My grandfather's homeopathy changed my view of medicine'
Nov 26, 2012 |

When Ahmad Obaid Al Mazrooei feels unwell he goes straight to his homeopathist.

"The logic behind homeopathy - its ability to boost the body's natural immune system rather than taking medication to attack the disease - complies with my thinking," he said.

Mr Al Mazrooei, an Emirati, said the experience of his late grandfather, who had a cancerous tumour in his bladder, changed his outlook on medicine.

"The doctors wanted to take interventional methods and take out the tumour," he said. "But I came across a homeopathic doctor and he told me that because my grandfather was very old, he would be left living on conventional equipment and that he could treat him without taking invasive measures.

"We didn't want him spending his last years this way."

After the homoeopathic treatment, his grandfather lived another nine years. He did not suffer and died of natural causes. Now, Mr Al Mazrooei, 54, turns to homoeopathy as his first line of care and often recommends it to his eight children.

"Since then, I've been dealing with homeopathy for nearly everything," he said. "I mostly use it for when I have stomach illness or indigestion. Many times when you take medicine, either the condition isn't cured or you end up with many unpleasant side effects."

After losing his nephew to cancer when the teen's family took him for conventional treatment in the US, against the advice of the homeopathist, Mr Al Mazrooei's views were further reinforced.

He acknowledges that his experiences may not reflect the majority. They have, however, influenced the way he approaches health.

"I strongly recommend people try it," he said. "If it doesn't work, then you can always see a doctor, take the medicine and go the conventional route."

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