Friday, February 15, 2013

#IdleNoMore Aboriginal abuses tarnish Canadian democracy

#IdleNoMore Aboriginal abuses tarnish Canadian democracy
Feb 15, 2013 | PressTVGlobalNews

A Canadian aboriginal spokeswoman says native woman physically abused by police live in fear of retaliation under a fascist Harper government.

In the background of this Prime minister Harper of Canada has directed aboriginal women to go to the police in the case of them receiving abuse. The problem is that it is the police who are the perpetrators of the abuse against aboriginal women in Canada and these abused women are living in fear of retaliation by police if they speak out about this issue. A report from Human Rights Watch includes accusations that members of the CRMP Canadian Royal Mounted Police have sodomized aboriginal women and in some cases, girls under the age of 18. The report also includes accusations of rape, intimidation and even threatening children with drawn hand guns. The Harper government's response to the HRW report has been one of denial of knowledge of police abuses and a promise to launch a commission. Aboriginal groups are demanding justice for the victims of police abuse.

Press TV has interviewed Autumn Eaglespeaker, Canadian Aboriginal in Calgary about this issue.

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