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American Cancer Society deceived the population about aspartame

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American Cancer Society deceived the population about aspartame
Mar 29, 2013 | Natural News | Jonathan Landsman

The dangers of aspartame and the diseases associated with its usage are insignificant to conventional science and government-sponsored health agencies. In fact, I am certain, you would cringe in disbelief if you read the official statements made by some of the most influential health organizations (and corporations) of the world.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), “Rumors claiming that aspartame causes a number of health problems, including cancer, have been around for many years. Many of these continue to circulate on the Internet.” The ACS continues on its website to say, “Expert agencies in the United States and elsewhere that have evaluated aspartame have found it safe for use.”

The American Cancer Society is playing a (dangerously) deceptive role in American culture. This “not-for-profit” organization claims to “save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays”. Nothing could be further from the truth and we have the evidence to prove it! In reality, aspartame was approved, in 1980, without any scientific evidence of safety for human consumption.

The Food and Drug Administration warned Americans for years about the dangers of aspartame

In truth, for 16 years, no FDA Commissioner would allow aspartame on the market and all comments were that aspartame had never been proven safe. At the time, Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle – the manufacturer of aspartame – had no concern that aspartame could not be proven safe. As mentioned in the United Press International investigation of aspartame and the congressional record, Rumsfeld said he would call in his markers and get it approved anyway.

You see, back in 1980, Rumsfeld was on the Ronald Reagan transition team and the day after Reagan become President of the United States – he appointed an FDA Commissioner who would approve aspartame (without question) – that man was Arthur Hull Hayes. Hayes over turned the Board of Inquiry, on July 15, l981, and allowed aspartame to be sold to the American people.

You should also know that Hayes went on to work for the PR Agency of the manufacturer (Searle) at what some say was $1,000.00 a day, and has refused to talk to the press ever since. So, again, safety had nothing to do with the approval of aspartame, just a political ploy by Rumsfeld, and he made a lot of money at the expense of human life.

Eating (or drinking) artificial sweeteners will make you sick and fat

A 14-year study of 66,118 women – backed by many other studies in the past – revealed that drinking diet beverages are worse than sugar-sweetened drinks. This most recent study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has some serious health warnings, such as:

1. Diet sodas put you at greater risk for diabetes versus sugar-sweetened sodas.

2. Women that drink (1) 12-ounce diet soda had a 33 percent increased risk of type-2 diabetes, and if they drink (1) 20-ounce soda then the risk is increased by 66 percent.

3. Drinking diet sodas will slow down the metabolism – preventing us from burning calories.

4. Diet sodas actually make you more hungry and crave more sugary foods like, pasta and bread.

5. In addition, population studies reveal that diet soda drinkers increase their risk for obesity by 200 percent!

Don’t be fooled by false propaganda and marketing ploys. Aspartame affects brain tissue; destroys nerve cell integrity; creates lesions or holes where cell death occurred plus much more. Get informed about the dangers of artificial sweeteners – before it’s too late.


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