Thursday, March 7, 2013

We Were All Sheeple Once

We Were All Sheeple Once
Mar 7, 2013 | groundedbeing

It is interesting to watch the dynamic of those who believe they are awake and aware. Now, this certainly does not apply to everyone, but it seems as though a large majority of "truthers" have a derogatory opinion of the uninformed masses. The name I will use for these uninformed masses is one that I see used repeatedly, sheeple.

It seems reasonable to believe that exposing the truth could be used to potentially educate people. So why is there a derogatory attitude towards the people you are ultimately trying to wake up? Perhaps our approach to helping others understand the truth needs an adjustment.

Imagine you are trying to teach a three-year-old mathematics. Would you make fun of the child for not understanding the concepts of addition or subtraction? Would you chastise and belittle a child for not being able to grasp the fundamentals of multiplication and division?

When you are part of a group, it is easy to feel the necessity to blend in with the crowd. It is evident by the dialogue I read on YouTube and blog sites that reducing people to sheeple is a common occurrence. But weren't we all sheeple at some point?

What if we changed the approach we use when trying to educate those who are not privy to truther knowledge? Do you think it is a good idea to shove knowledge down people's throats or would it be more effective to offer the teachings with patience? Recognize that it could take repeated exposure from many different sources before an individual begins to consider challenging information.

If the information is never considered or accepted, move on. Continuously trying to prove your point or make yourself heard is a waste of time. Some people will always refuse to consider the information you present and that is their prerogative. Respect their decision and move on.

If you feel the need to argue some point into oblivion, perhaps it is time to check yourself. Relentless bickering only creates more division between people and division is the last thing we need. Respect and honor yourself and the beneficial, energetic effect will spread. Disrespect and loathe yourself and the adverse, energetic effect will spread.

We have an opportunity to actually be mature human beings, no matter what. We can react to people and limit them as individuals or we can empower each other. It makes no difference what other people decide to do, you can be more evolved, and achieve greatness.

The choice is yours. The time to decide has come.

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