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Why are Americans Getting So Little in Return for the Highest Medical Bills on the Planet?

Why are Americans Getting So Little in Return for the Highest Medical Bills on the Planet?
Mar 16, 2013 | | Dr. Mercola

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Americans spend twice as much on health care per capita than any other country in the world; in fact according to a series of studies by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co, the US spends more on health care than the next 10 biggest spenders combined: Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Australia.

Despite that, we rank dead last in terms of quality of care among industrialized countries, and Americans are far sicker and live shorter lives than people in other nations. How is that possible? The short answer is: We’re being fleeced.

In the video above, CNN interviews a family blindsided by medical bills amounting to more than $474,000 after 60-year-old Bob Weinkoff spent just a few days in the ICU, suffering from difficulty breathing.

According to a 2011 report by the global consulting firm Milliman, annual healthcare costs for the average American family of four, if covered by a preferred provider organization, is a staggering $19,393.1
Between 2002 and 2011 alone, the average cost of health care for American families doubled, and since absolutely nothing is being done to rein in the absurd overcharges, there’s every reason to believe costs will continue to skyrocket until the bottom falls out.

Cancer treatments, in particular, have increasingly become exorbitantly expensive, even though no one can explain exactly why it has to cost upwards of $1 million.

By dissecting the medical bills people have received, journalist and author Steven Brill says we can see exactly how and why we are overspending and where the money is going.

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