Thursday, August 8, 2013

Russia Today (RT) Outright Lying to you about Fukushima health effects

Russia Today (RT) Outright Lying to you about Fukushima health effects
Aug 8, 2013 | MsMilkytheclown1

IF RT is really Russian Television and Russia (and Putin) really hates the U.S. why won't they report on Plume-Gate, the U.S. largest, PROVABLE, cover-up with an estimated 1.3 million fatalities by the year 2030? I mean, if you were really at odds with the U.S. and you wanted to hurt Obama and cause America a lot of trouble at the same time you would showcase, highlight and focus on Plume-Gate. PERIOD. Do you have any clue how many agencies are implicated?

Published on Aug 8, 2013 by Hatrick Penry

RT video on Fukushima, please leave a comment on their thread if you disagree with their methods:

Here's what Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones and Malcolm Grimson won't speak of:

Review of Fukushima Fatality Index Studies by Hatrick Penry

Pacific Rim: how and why radiation from Fukushima entered the world's largest ocean

Articles on controlled opposition found here:

Here's my playlist of over 30 Hours of Plume-Gate videos. (Proof the NRC and MANY other government agencies Covered up the Radioactive Plume and effects from Fukushima)

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