Sunday, August 25, 2013

Soy Mafia and GMO Assassins Aided and Abetted by Scientific American

Soy Mafia and GMO Assassins Aided and Abetted by Scientific American
Aug 25, 2013 | Dissident Voice | Paul Haeder

you know the world burns when the mainstream mush periodicals selling themselves as specialty rags for the smart ones side with Monsanto, Bayer and all the other Colony/Community Collapse Poisoners!


Blending Faux-Contrived-Manufactured Neutrality Science Rags with the Corporate Capital Bottomline

We are doomed, those of us fighting schemes of the technologists, Mengele’s, media whores, the entire cabal of idiots who work for the poisoners. Again, all the work so many around the world have been doing on trying to stop the Franken-crops/Franken-foods/ Franken-species, the genetically-messed-with plants, bacteria, fish and mammals by the elite in the sciences and their paymasters.  This is the era of the death of the media, the dying last throes of independence. Anything goes, and the idea that if the corporations like Monsanto or Syngenta or ADM, or if philanthropists (sic)  like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or if governments, governmental bodies and paid-for universities say eating genetically engineered stuff is safe, then, by God, it has to be. And, if  anyone or any organization or any “body” of organizations and scientists and activists who dare doubt those proclamations, well, they are idealists, Luddites, anti-Capitalists, and just recalcitrant, unable to see the light of the coming of the new age of engineered life.

So, when reading the latest Scientific American, an op-ed signed by the “editors,” lambasting those two states that have worked to just barely get GMO labeling, and then denigrating anyone who might claim GE or GMO foods are not safe, I understand the state of our agnotology, ignorance, lack of systems thinking, and the ability of most people to let the tides of bad things and wrongheaded profit-spearing time pass without a fight, well, we are sunk.

Ugly read, and not deep, nor is it inspirational writing, or cutting edge – just plain pulp — Here, that 650 word inglorious op-ed that says it all about the lack of thinking in the science writing community.
For the past 20 years Americans have been eating plants in which scientists have used modern tools to insert a gene here or tweak a gene there, helping the crops tolerate drought and resist herbicides. Around 70 percent of processed foods in the U.S. contain genetically modified ingredients.

Instead of providing people with useful information, mandatory GMO labels would only intensify the misconception that so-called Frankenfoods endanger people’s health.
Bottom Feeders — Mainstream Rags

Not only should we not have to label foods and any product that has been bombed with genes from other species, sometimes with species outside of entire kingdoms for that species being “modified, we should be stopping this giant pitiful experiment of foods blasted with genes and gene turn-on and turn-off manipulators that allow for a plant to be drenched in pesticides and herbicides and still grow and produce, err, corn, wheat, soy.  We shouldn’t have to label since we should not have ever allowed for these poisons to enter our food web. And mother nature’s web in general!~

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