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Climategate: Both the BBC and the Daily Mail warn of a possible mini ice age

Climategate: Both the BBC and the Daily Mail warn of a possible mini ice age
Jan 19, 2014 |

Will U.S. Media even mention it?

The BBC, of course, is the British Broadcasting Corporation, the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees (23,000), with an income of more than £5 billion (US$8.2 billion), while the Daily Mail is the United Kingdom’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper.

Both media giants have now reported that sunspot activity is at its lowest in 100 years, a fraction of what scientists expected.

And both media giants warn that conditions are eerily similar to those before the Maunder Minimum, a time in the 1600s known as The Little Ice Age.

In fact, they warn, there is a 20% chance that we could actually be headed into a mini ice age.

The Daily Mail has a history of running over-the-top, sensationalist headlines, so people generally take what they say with a grain of salt.

However, the BBC has been a staunch believer in anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming for so many years that the fact that they would run such an article makes me wonder how bad conditions really are.

You’re going to see the naysayers come out in full force now – especially those on the global-warming gravy train – insisting that the slow-down in the Sun’s activity won’t affect us.

But you need to understand how much that yellow orb in the sky can affect our lives.

The Sun is HUGE! It could hold more than one million Earths.

Look at the above photo of the Earth compared to the Sun.

Don’t let the naysayers persuade you that a slow-down in solar activity is not important.

It’s not that we’ll be covered by ice, it’s that we’ll run out of food.

The Little Ice Age was a time of extremes. Some areas endured the worst droughts in hundreds of years, and then the worst floods in hundreds of years, both in the same year! Imagine what that would do to world food supplies.

In many areas, cool, wet conditions prevailed a few weeks longer in the spring, which delayed planting. Then those same conditions returned a few weeks earlier in the fall, leaving farmers unable to harvest the pitiful amount of crops that remained.

Literally millions of people died of starvation.

Calling it a “sleepy Sun” makes it sounds rather benevolent, but  history shows that a slowdown in solar activity can have devastating consequences.

A sleepy Sun could be dangerous to your health.

See Daily Mail article:

Thanks to Dean Koehler for this link

See BBC video:
P.S. Please let me know of any U.S. media reports on this BBC announcement.

“I think the BBC just played their get out of jail free card so that they can vindicate themselves whichever way the climate goes,” says reader John Brown.

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