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Radiation Alert! Northern Plains Radiation Higher Than Fukushima.

HeartStarthebooks | Mar 24, 2014 | Elva Thompson

On an invitation from the Great Sioux Nation and Defenders of the Black Hills, nuclear physics professor Dr. K. Keafott. Ph.D. from the University of Michigan visited the 1868 Lakota Treaty territory in the Northern Great Plains to test sites for radiation. In her report she said: “The radiation readings from abandoned open pit uranium mines that I visited with my students were higher than those in the evacuation zones around the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Charmaine White Face in her You Tube Video:  ‘Uranium Mining Bill’  says that there are three thousand, two hundred and seventy two abandoned open pit uranium mines from the 1950-60′s, in the five state area of the Homeland of the Great Sioux Nation.  As these pits are exposed to the air, they are a constant source of radioactive particles in dust, air and water. This constant emission of radioactive particulates has poisoned the Northern Great Plains.

Cancer mortality rates amongst native people living on reservations in South Dakota are the highest in the country.  ‘Lakota are the  miners canaries for the nation,” Charmaine said.  

Destruction of Sacred Sites

The Cave Hills and Slim Buttes in South Dakota are sacred to the Lakota people. There are burial grounds, fasting places and rocks covered in ancient petroglyphs and spirit writings.

The Lakota cannot use their traditional places of prayer because they are radioactive.

This year the EPA, the forest service with assistance of the state of South Dakota are implementing a cleanup plan for  Riley Pass in the Custer National Forest. Strip mining to reach uranium removed up to 80 feet of radioactive overburden which was piled on the outer edges of the rim rock and just left….

The Homeland of the Great Sioux Nation has been irradiated for sixty years and only now is the EPA getting round to cleaning a handful of the thousands that remain.

The Sacred Paha Sapa.  

The Black Hills of South Dakota are the spiritual Heart of North America and sacred to Native People. Within forty miles of Mount Rushmore there is an open uranium mine and as Charmaine White Face says : ‘The wind doesn’t stop at South Dakota. All those millions of tourists at Mount Rushmore are breathing in radioactive dust and the water in the motels in Rapid City contain uranium.’  The Black Hills is a planetary power point and it has been polluted, not only by uranium, arsenic, molybdenum, thorium, and other toxic waste, but by casinos, bars, prostitution and prison camps for animals. Even more insidious is the Sandford Lab, a facility deep underground in Lead, just down the road from Deadwood. This demonic facility is harnessing the natural frequencies of the Black Hills and distorting them.

Stonehenge and Avebury Circle.

Desecration and negative utilisation of the Earth’s power points is no accident. There is a spiritual war going on against the planet and all its creatures. The sun temple of Stonehenge, the temple of the moon at Avebury, the enigma of Silbury Hill are all found on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. Dotted around these ancient monuments is a profusion of round and long barrows. In the last one hundred years, Salisbury Plain has become heavily militarized and is the largest military training area in England. Live firing is conducted on the plain 340 days of each year, and Salisbury Plain houses one of the most evil and secret underground facilities in the world: Porton Down.

When I lived in England, we held many demonstrations against animal abuse at Porton Down, and there are numerous animal research stations not far away from the main laboratory connected by underground tunnels to the main facility. What goes on at Porton Down is satanic by design, and the frequencies of that terrible place have totally blasted and imprisoned the elemental foci of Stonehenge and Avebury, starving the Earth of the vital energies she needs.

The Black Hills in America and Salisbury Plain in England are two very important foci for the planet’s electromagnetic resonance, and both have been deliberately compromised. The electromagnetic life of the planet is being deliberately short circuited and distorted and has been replaced with ‘electromagnetic pollution’ on all levels. Haarp, frequency weapons, cell phone and Gwen towers, and man’s fascination with electronic gadgets and gizmos will eventually destroy all life on Earth.

H/T Zen Gardner 

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