Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Breast Cancer Propaganda: Pink Ribbons = "Fighting Like a Girl"

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Editor's note: This is another censored video at Youtube. When they have many more likes than views, YouTube expects you to believe they have not changed the view count. This one especially hits the nail on the head and exposes the propaganda nation we live in.

Mel here. As a female, this bumper sticker really pisses me off. It says "Fight like a girl!" and the letter 'i' in the word 'fight' is a pink breast cancer ribbon.

Because we all know those people are really racing their asses off for the *cause,* right? Of course not. That's why it's always been "race for the cure." They'd be out of a job if they found a cause so breast cancer could be prevented in the first place...or even if they found a real cure.

And they *know* it.

Beyond that, using their propaganda to condition women to expect and accept breast cancer is just...sick.

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