Friday, April 25, 2014

'Eppur si muove' - Like it or not, homeopathy works!

Repent sinners, homeopathy cannot work
because DuPont Chemical sayeth so!

'Scientific evidence' and the torch-wielding villagers

I generally try to avoid debating or proselytising about the soundness of homeopathy. People who know nothing about homeopathy usually either express a desire to learn more, or walk away unmoved. Every now and then a 'hater' of homeopathy with the ferocity of a torch-wielding villager crosses my path, the kind of person who would have happily ignited Giordano Bruno's stake over 400 years ago.

I used to be baffled that some people would have such strong negative reactions to homeopathy. Homeopathy, after all, is not nearly as damaging as most allopathic medical treatments. It seems that the venomous grudge held by such people against homeopathy is often based merely on what they have gleaned from a superficial search on Google, Wikipedia or other 'debunking' websites. I yet have to meet an opponent of homeopathy whose beliefs are based on in-depth knowledge of homeopathic methods or personal experience with homeopathic remedies. The testimonies of real life professionals who work daily with homeopathic remedies and thousands of happy patients have very little meaning for them. Their mind is shut and nothing can sway their belief that the Earth, and modern science, are the center of the Universe. This certainly leaves very little space for any meaningful discussion.

During the course of my experimentation I have learned that homeopathic remedies can effectively cure conditions which conventional medicine can do very little about. Nowadays, when I hear someone call homeopathic solutions "nothing but water", I think to myself 'tell that to hundreds of my patients who are still happily waging their tails or purring thanks to homeopathy!' Or ask the at least a dozen local stray cat colonies about the scientific studies that can explain how just one inexpensive homeopathic granule per colony can cure highly infectious Ringworm outbreaks in no time.

These are true healing wonders, and while there are no bullet-proof scientific studies that prove the efficacy of homeopathic principles, there are many people out there who can testify to its effectiveness. Then again, most of the scientific studies on conventional medical treatment are not 'bullet-proof' either. Many conventional medical treatments widely prescribed today are based on nothing but shoddy science, manipulated research, and corporate greed. Perhaps the best example of this is the Cholesterol Myth.

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