Friday, May 23, 2014

Jeffrey Smith's message to the March Against Monsanto 2014

Jeffrey Smith reports in from the front lines in Maui County where the SHAKA Movement is helping to mobilize the county's first ever citizen's ballot initiative. 17,000 registered voters have already signed a petition to put on the ballot in November a temporary moratorium on open field GMO and Pesticide experimentation and seed production until a public health impacts study shows Monsanto's and DOW's GMO crops and the pesticide cocktails they are spaying here are safe for the residents who are exposed to pesticide drift, wind borne fugitive dust and field run off in heavy tropical rains.

Hawaii's climate affords three to four growing cycles per year and it's a primary source for GMO Corn Seed that Monsanto distributes worldwide, as well it's a significant open field testing ground for new GMO's and pesticides.

The citizens here are particularly alarmed with recent revelations that Monsanto is spraying pesticides in combinations that have not been tested or approved.

Until recent public actions all across Hawaii publicly highlighted regulatory deficiencies, the EPA had but one single inspector charged with overseeing pesticide abuse in the entire state.

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