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CNN caught in denial over MMR vaccines even as CDC whistleblower confesses to scientific fraud

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Natural News | Sep 4, 2014 | Jonathan Benson

After more than a week of total silence by the mainstream media, CNN has finally admitted that a landmark study recently published in a top scientific journal solidifies a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. But this was only after the journal that first published the study, Translational Neurodegeneration, arbitrarily decided to pull it on spurious claims that its findings "may not be in the public interest," suddenly making the topic "newsworthy."

Failing to even get the facts straight, a CNN report by Debra Goldschmidt claims that the study by Dr. Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation (FAF) uncovered a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African American boys given the shot before the age of two -- it was actually before the age of three, Ms. Goldschmidt. The real issue, however, is not this shoddy reporting by CNN, but the fact that a prominent journal claiming to be committed to science decided to pull a study simply because its findings threaten to topple the golden calf of vaccination.

In case you missed it, a top U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist-turned-whistleblower recently came forward with some bombshells about his involvement in a decades-long coverup concerning MMR. In short, top CDC officials were instructed to manipulate and withhold data linking MMR to autism, resulting in the declaration that MMR is safe even after it was shown that some children are up to 340 percent more likely to develop autism if they receive the shot before 36 months of age.

Dr. William Thompson was one such CDC official who, apparently plagued by guilt, decided to tell all as part of a new study that completely deconstructs the myth that MMR is safe. That study was published earlier this summer in Translational Neurodegeneration, only to be later retracted for its controversial findings. And only then did the mainstream media pick up the story, implying along the way that, because the study was retracted, it must be false.

Translational Neurodegeneration joins coverup by censoring truth about MMR vaccine 

But as pointed out in a scathing letter by GreenMedInfo's Sayer Ji to the editor-in-chief of Translational Neurodegeneration, Professor Shengdi Chen, studies aren't pulled from reputable journals simply due to the fact that their findings are unpopular. Unless there is evidence of fraud or malfeasance, there is never a valid reason to pull a study -- that is, unless the journal itself is fraudulent.

"You should know that your decision is being perceived as a threat to the credibility of your journal and career as an esteemed scientist," wrote Ji to Prof. Chen, noting that the legitimacy of Translational Neurodegeneration as an honest, scientific journal is now being questioned by scientists, journalists and members of the legal community.

"Given the legal implications of your decision to potentially collude with a now verified cover-up involving the falsification of scientific data related to vaccine science and autism, would you be willing to make a statement to defend your decision?"

As of this writing, Prof. Chen has not responded to the letter. But the world is watching, despite CNN's dismissal of the controversy, to see whether or not this massive fraud is handled with integrity, or if the vaccine industry is once again coddled and protected from scrutiny. If the latter proves to be true, you can be sure that a major public backlash is coming against the CDC and its vaccination racket.

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