Monday, October 13, 2014

70% of Cheese Products Made with Genetically Engineered Rennet

Farm Wars | Oct 8, 2014 | Barbara H. Peterson

Yes, it’s true. Your cheese has more than likely been made with genetically engineered rennet. In fact, according to, up to 70% of store-bought cheese products are.
Milk contains proteins, specifically caseins, that maintain its liquid form. Proteases are enzymes that are added to milk during cheese production, to hydrolyze caseins, specifically kappa casein, which stabilizes micelle formation preventing coagulation. Rennet and rennin are general terms for any enzyme used to coagulate milk. Technically rennet is also the term for the lining of a calf’s fourth stomach. The most common enzyme isolated from rennet is chymosin. Chymosin can also be obtained from several other animal, microbial or vegetable sources, but indigenous microbial chymosin (from fungi or bacteria) is ineffective for making cheddar and other hard cheeses. Limited supplies of calf rennet have prompted genetic engineering of microbial chymosin by cloning calf prochymosin genes into bacteria. Bioengineered chymosin may be involved in production of up to 70% of cheese products.
This is simply another way that genetic engineering has invaded our food supply by stealth. Think about it. What else are we eating that is genetically engineered? What aren’t we being told about the most important thing we can do for our bodies – and that is to eat good, clean food?

There is even talk about growing “organic” genetically engineered produce. Since, according to the USDA, organic farming is a process oriented endeavor, only a few words need changing to allow genetically engineered seeds to be included in the regulations.

We are quickly reaching a point of no return in which the line between artificially engineered products and food produced without genetic hanky panky is blurred beyond recognition unless one has a laboratory with genetic testing ability at hand.

Think that we are safe eating USDA Certified Organic and that the overall plan by the USDA is to keep genetic engineering out of our organic food supply? Think again. According to the USDA, GMOs (genetically engineered/modified organisms) and natural ones are substantially equivalent. No difference. In a pig’s eye my friends, in a pig’s eye.

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