Saturday, December 13, 2014

These Statistics Prove GMOs Are Absolutely Not ‘Feeding America’

Natural Society | Dec 12, 2014 | Christina Sarich

Even with GMOs - People are Still Starving

You would not imagine hunger plaguing the suburbs of America, but citizens living in cities like Houston, Detroit, and even sunny Fresno, California or Orlando, Florida worry about feeding their families every month. Surely these people are benefited by the genetically modified crops that are grown on every patch of land around them, right? Not really.

Strangely, people living in the heartland are surrounded by rows and rows of GMO corn stalks and soy-beans, roughly one sixth of all ‘staple’ crops grown for the entire country. Yet among billions of barrels of corn and soy, the US government had to pay more than $11 billion to subsidize those crops while Iowans go hungry.

Biotech told the world that GMOs would solve food insecurity problems, but as a rural farmer in Iowa, or a single mom raising four kids on a home-health worker’s salary in Texas will tell you – this just isn’t so.
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