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  • Critical Thinking (1) At last in the 90s, criterion was not accepted as a plural use (Usage note AHD 1996: "Like the analogous etymological plurals agenda and data, criteria is widely used as a singular form. Unlike them, however, it is not acceptable in that use.); similarities exist in describing crime, discrimination, endocrine, and secret for the level of intimidation. (italic words of same root)
  • Evolution For natural selection to exist, the syntax must be validated on its premise which shows the formation of the vowel, which comes in both voluntary and involuntary function. This implies that there are four aspects occurring, and Gurdjieff explains one version. In his example, the lowest involuntary state is sleep. The other involuntary state is called clear consciousness. Basically awake. The third state is a voluntary self-remembering and the final state of consciousness is referred to as an objective state. Often this state only appears in flashes, however, man has defined evolution for an involuntary state of consciousness as though time was outside oneself. Today, the real world is hidden and sleeping people are killing other sleeping people, Gurdjieff says. I can't explain to you exactly why evolution is wrong, or inaccurate. I can reveal that voluntary and involuntary also fit another profile: genetics and environment, which also has four aspects occurring. Imagine people are tampering with the elements of sleep in conjunction with your consciousness. Many of the foods available today are as drugs, and once you begin a healthy diet, the body will begin to communicate with you about your passage, a literal reading of the past. While on junk food the body is in sleep mode as part of the corporate design and no clear messages are sent to the brain. So, it seems we have a palindrome of activity occurring, one is to reach an objective state of consciousness, and one that deals with the complexity of exposure.
    [Examples of use in parenthesis]

    1. Sleep state: involuntary genetics (biotech; chemicals; vaccines)
    2. Waking state: involuntary environment (agriculture; pesticides; eugenics)
    3. Self-remembering: voluntary genetics (biodiversity; vitality; meditation)
    4. Objective state: voluntary environment (organic farming; polyculture; euthenics)
  • Gnostic In separating the demiurge from the unknowable divine being (Gnosticism), see list above, It would seem the urge for creation is manipulation of "what is sacred," representing the obsession with materialism as a matter of factotum for the corporate state. On the other hand, purposeful development (teleology) rests with living in an objective world where divine being is sacred (paleo) and contains the vitality of knowledge that exist in the living body. Entropy as (deterioration of energy) unfavors while (purpose as sacred) favors and one can sense the originators of evil noted for the demiurge that suppresses objectivity. Historians record cyclic events that portray an overlayment upon the various states of consciousness, such as Verstappen's four stages of man: Warrior, Intellectual, Merchant, and Chaos, as entropy's perpetual repeating vortex, where the perception of truth increasingly is destroyed as fast or faster than it is obtained. The malevolent usurpation of our states of consciousness are apparent as a historical fact.
  • Healing (Needs redefining)
  • Health In the lexicon, health is defined as a condition. This is misleading and here is why. Do you think of health as something mathematical or do you think of health as something more as a sacred passage? Do you think of health as a noun or a verb? These decisions matter and will affect the actual result. In all cases linguistically in English, health is described as a formation of the senses and their positive or negative results. Here is an example. (Astrological notions in parenthesis.)

    1) Touch: (Vibration) What we partake. What we experience. What we eat.
    Prime2) Sight: What we believe is real. What is accepted. (Influences: Cancer-water-moon)
    Prime3) Breath: How the verb (you) is expressed and generated. (Influences: Capricorn-earth)
    4) Sound: What position exists. What orientation is assumed or possessed. (Influences: Libra-air-venus)
    Prime5) Taste: (Density) What perception results. How irony is derived. (Influences: Aries-fire-mars)

    Astrology is really about instinct, and that instinct lives within this ray of creation defining matter. Arguments suffice whether it is the sun talking or the moon, however, these forces are a way to accurately describe something that very often is assumed to have awareness. To have someone tell you that you have cancer would also require they read your mind which is not occurring. What is occurring is the immune system is talking if it can be heard. Very often the immune system is out of body and assumed stolen. The affects of this are apparent when looking directly at the mathematics described for condition in the first five roots of D.  One learns that condition may also be addiction whether acknowledged or not.

    What is ACTUALLY felt is described in the first five roots of K, where the actual word "health," exists. Here, the perception of the verb is more about love, and mathematics is about the expression of the perception of time. You can study these institutional agents here where they are listed on the left side of the page.

    So, you may want to ask yourself does health feel more like vibration or like density? I think the answer is simple. Our choices reflect what we believe or have been seduced by whether or not we acknowledge our sense of corruption by believing mathematics can talk, or derive an organic nature to our sacred passage. It may be better to follow logic and assume the sun is a form of communication and that information is given as mathematics. Even this becomes corrupted if one is not thinking.

    Health describes what is holy (see Holistic) where vitality determines pathos. This is called nutrition which is to take the second root of N and apply spin, but when observing the sunflower, we see that it is really a form of language. To say this is a condition seems rather cheap.

  • Mother Earth (---)
  • Psyche (---) Psychiatry: The mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion, and behavior and consciously or unconsciously adjusting or mediating the body's responses to the social and physical environment. Greek Mythology: A young woman who loved and was loved by Eros and was united with him after Aphrodite's jealousy was overcome. She subsequently became the personification of the soul. Note: As with science, the alphabet and alpha particle DO have things in common. Alpha rhythms begins at 8 hertz and range up to 13. References to a center may be addressed as magnetic; sound or corrupted.
Pathology - Psycho-
Shelter - Genesis
  • Conscience (278) 1. Inclusive of knowing and understanding revealing identity (ethos) essence.
  • Human Rights (---)
  • Nutrition (---)
  • Organic (---)
  • Planet Earth (---)
  • Revelation (Points in time when something new is achieved or finally understood)
  • Science (---) 1. Placement of energy; used of control, indirection. Note: Understanding the true meaning of science entails why it is necessary to define phenomena, which is tied to (bha-1 electricity) which by definition details thought or consciousness, and all this can be confirmed by connecting the dots (skei- skel-1). With this knowledge, science is seemingly not a speech label, it is more a descriptive process or modal. 
Comment: It's impossible to avoid the truth, as in the beginning and end, and the deception within the law of three, also the scientific method, also the three stigmas in astrology among others, that these provide evidence where many today are unwilling their nature.

The Fire Within
Note: These are unique concepts traceable to etymology which can be researched at my sister site. Below is another pairing if you look close.

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